Statistics with R and SQL

Confidence Intervals for a proportion – using R

What is the difference between reading numbers as they are presented, and interpreting them in a mature, deeper way? One way perhaps to look at the latter is what statisticians call ‘confidence interval’. Suppose I look at a sampling of 100 americans who are asked if they approve of the job the supreme court is… Continue reading Confidence Intervals for a proportion – using R


Dataset for Cochran-Mantel-Hanzel Test

Below is the script to create the table and dataset I used. This is just test data and not copied from anywhere. USE [yourdb] GO /****** Object: Table [dbo].[DrugResponse] Script Date: 6/12/2017 6:45:46 AM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIERl ON GO SET ANSI_PADDING ON GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[DrugResponse]( [seqno] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,… Continue reading Dataset for Cochran-Mantel-Hanzel Test