Thrilled to #BITS!

2021 was a strange year…mid way through a pandemic, enormously depressing on many fronts to me..and yet, it bought with it some unexpected joys. I never imagined, in the wildest of dreams, that I would get a chance to present at a prestigious non-US conference. But this year, I was selected to present at SQLBits, the biggest conference for SQL Server Data professionals in Europe and among the best professionally run events there is. They are doing a blended event this year, so you can attend from where you are- although given a chance I’d be in London in an absolute heartbeat!! Sign up to attend if you are reading this!

Details of my session are as below. I will be co presenting with the awesome Koen Verbeeck (b | t).

Finding and Fixing T-SQL Anti-Patterns with ScriptDOM

Quality code is free of things we call ‘anti-patterns’ – nolock hints, using SELECT *, queries without table aliases, and so on.
We may also need to enforce certain standards: naming conventions, ending statements with semicolons, indenting code the right way etc. Furthermore, we may need to apply specific configurations on database objects, such as to create tables on certain filegroups or use specific settings for indexes.

All of this may be easy with a small database and a small volume of code to handle, but what happens when we need to deal with a large volume of code? What if we inherit something full of these anti-patterns, and we just don’t have time to go through all of it manually and fix it? But suppose we had an automated utility that could do this for us? Even better, if we could integrate it in our Azure Devops pipelines?

ScriptDOM is a lesser-known free tool from SQL Server DacFx which has the ability to help with finding programmatic and stylistic errors (a.k.a linting) in T-SQL code. It can even fix some of these errors!
In this session, we will learn about what it is, how we can harness its power to read code and tell us what it finds, and actually fix some of those anti-patterns.
Join us for this highly interactive and demo-packed session for great insights on how to improve the quality of your code. Basic knowledge of T-SQL and Powershell is recommended to get the most out of this session.


Thu 14:10 – 15:00

Oh, I did miss saying that the awesome Ben Weismann(b | t) will be our moderator as well..Hope to see some of you there if you are reading this!!

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