TSQL Tuesday #134 – Taking a break

This month’s TSQL Tuesday invite is from James McGillivray – he asks people to write about what they were/are doing to take a break during this crisis ridden time we are in.
Breaks are very important – it is very easy to drive ourselves deeper into work when we are working from home. I personally still struggle with guilt that am not doing enough and tend to work harder than i am in a regular office. Limitations and breaks are really important for me. Below are a few things I do in this regard.
1 Take short walks – I live near a wooded area and it is easy to take a stroll out of home up the lane and back. We get a lot of sunshine even in winter in NC, so it is an added opportunity to get some much needed Vitamin D as well. I take a lot of walks, depending on the weather – a minimum of two to a maximum of 5. I always feel fresh and invigorated after a walk.
2 Coloring books – this is a hobby I enjoy very much. I have a lot of different types of books – mandalas, landscapes, flowers…various. I take one and color it vigorously. It is amazing how much stress relief this can bring.
3 Meditation – I cannot not emphasize how important this is. I recently ran into something called ‘tapping meditation’ and use this – it is a combo of acupressure based tapping and guided visualisation on positive thoughts. I meditate twice a day, for my health and general well being.
4 Watch random television – when I am tired I tend to lean back into rewatching stuff I’ve enjoyed. That includes old classic movies and tv serials – my particular favorites are Downton Abbey and ER. I know lots of little things from rewatching these over and over and still laugh at the jokes. It helps me destress.

These are a few of my little stress breakers. Thanks for reading.

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