Azure SQL Championship

There is no doubt that this is a time when we all have to be extra aware and work towards keeping our skills aligned with market needs. During this time of great crisis, the last thing we want is to lose our jobs or not have the skills necessary to land a new one. Multiple articles and research studies have been done on growing demand for cloud computing skills. Azure is undoubtedly among the fastest growing platforms for cloud – as this article from Dice.com says having Azure skills increases your potential to be marketable significantly.
Learning can be drudgery, it can also be fun. One of the fun ways to learn Azure is to take part in Azure SQL Championship – a joint attempt by Microsoft and PASS to promote Azure learning. From October 12-30, there will be daily quizzes/simple challenges to solve. If you do it right you have a chance to win some fabulous prizes as below:


  • Admission to PASS Summit Conference 2020.
  • Admission to PASS Summit Conference 2021 (3 days). Plus up to $3k for travel, accommodation + expenses.


  • PASS Summit 2021 Speaking Session.


  • A Raspberry Pi Kit, Azure SQL Revealed e-book, Azure branded items.

This is a great opportunity to get some skills in and also participate in a community event. Please consider doing it!! Will be blogging/share more in the days to come. Thanks for reading.

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