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T-SQL Tuesday #121: Gifts received for this year

It is December again. 2019 has gone by in a flash. I have the honor of hosting the last TSQL Tuesday blog party of the year. This monthly blog party started by SQL Guru Adam Machanic since 2009 has completed 121 months this year. I am the lucky host of event #121. If you are participating in this month’s party (kindly coordinated by my dear friend Steve Jones (b|t) – please be sure to read the housekeeping rules all the way below that are necessary for participation.

This is a time for material gift giving, for many of us. It might also be a time to consider the many gifts we have received through the year, and perhaps use this opportunity to appreciate people or situations that we were blessed with. So my question would be – what are a few things would you consider as gifts, and why? Some examples as below –

  • Getting to know someone in the community better,
  • Getting to speak at an event you always wanted to,
  • Attending a conference or training that you always wanted to attend,
  • Landing a job you never thought you would,
  • Published a book that you wrote,
  • Wrote for sqlservercentral/simpletalk/any of those cool websites
  • Got to play with a cool new technology that has you excited,
  • A feature of SQL Server that you always wanted and eventually showed up in 2019-I love lightweight query profiling to track query progress, for example.
  • A new cool feature that you never even thought possible is now there (I was just oooh-ing about how easy it is to script objects in Azure Data Studio, and how nice it is to have it store my query history for me).

Below are the rules of the game when you are ready:

  1. Write your post.
  2. Schedule it to be published at some point on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019. (UTC calendar day).
  3. Include the TSQL Tuesday logo in the top of your post.
  4. Link your post back to this one. Trackbacks should work, but it is a better idea to write a comment with the link on this post. Please give me some time to moderate your comments.
  5. If you are on twitter, tweet a link to your post, adding the #tsql2sday hash tag. Most people filter by hashtag and it increases the visibility of your post by quite a lot.

Look forward to reading about your gifts and learning from them!! Thanks in advance for participation.

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