PASS Summit 2019: Day 1 Keynote – my takeaways

I’ve been at the bloggers table for two years now. I felt honored to be selected this year too. The day has started a bit differently – bloggers were given an overview of what to expect from the board and staff of PASS. It was a very different and great move, in my opinion. It is 8 10 AM now on 6th of November 2019. We are waiting to get started.

Grant kicked off the keynote talking of how different summit is this year and how to take advantage of networking opportunities, of which I could say volumes.

I live-tweet more than live-blog as it has a better reach and many people can read it. But to summarize – a lot of yesterday was on cool features of 2019, including CosmosDB. Big Data Clusters, SQL for iOT(‘Edge’), Accelerated Database Recovery, Intelligent Query Performance and so on. We got to know some cool numbers like over 50 million databases are currently on Azure, and that we can support around 30 replicas as AG secondaries. (Just because you can…). We also learned some interesting terms like Synapse Analytics – which is the third generation Azure DataWarehouse, and Azure Arc – which is the new deployment process for Azure.
Aside from all the cool tech, I was hugely impressed by the attempts at diversity – several women of color presented and demoed stuff to us. In my 16 years of summit I have not seen this many key women (usually you had one or two who were sidekicks to the lead male presenter). Consider following some of these amazing women – Shreya Verma Kale, Anna Thompson and Sri Chintala. Well done on diversity, Microsoft.

Look forward to the second day’s keynote. Follow me here for real time updates.

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