WIT Panel for Women’s History Month

I cannot write this without stating some history. I have been part of PASS community since 1999. That is 21 years now. One of my favorite sub groups of PASS is WIT. 20 years ago WIT was restricted to one afternoon lunch session at the yearly summit. Majority panelists were white women. The discussions were good, but the lack of diversity always hit me hard. And we’d hear things like ‘after am done collecting more new shoes’ (don’t think that person is part of our community any more but she actually said it in response to someone who asked how they’d find time to learn after hours).

Fast forward 20 years later – WIT is doing a lot of great things. There is a monthly newsletter. There is a virtual group where with women speakers on technical subjects. Our books are promoted, and there are tweets promoting women speakers at sql saturdays. My own second book is in progress thanks to support from Kathi Kellenberger, who is one of the WIT team leads. 20 years ago, we didn’t even know there was such a thing as Women’s History month. But now we do. And tomorrow I am part of an awesome panel with the amazing likes of Kendra Little (@Kendra_Little), Lori Edwards (@loriedwards), Cathrine Wilhelmson(@cathrinew), Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman(@DBAKevlar), and Monica Rathbun (@SQLEspresso). The leaders of PASS WIT, Rie Irish (@IrishSQL) and Kathi Kellenberger (@auntkathi), will be leading the discussion.

Thank you, Rie and Kathi, for making WIT such an awesome cause and group to be part of. And a special thank you to Denny Cherry and Associates as well – for your active support and promotion of the cause. Now, if you’re reading this..time to register for tomorrow’s discussion, here!

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