TSQL Tuesday

T-SQL Tuesday 108 – A poetic summary


This is November and T-SQL Tuesday time,
I hope you are ready to read the summary – I am the host and it’s mine.
I’d like to begin by saying thanks to you two –
Adam Machanic and Steve Jones,
to whom this is due.
Thanks for keeping this blog party going,
Thanks for letting us write,
It matters, to many, to bring their thoughts to light!

The topic is what you are learning,
on not just SQL Server, but other things too,
with the data world ever-expanding,
there are more things to learn and do.

Bert Wagner documents how to learn rather than what.
It is useful to know that too, there are many who do not.

Eugene Meidinger talks of learning Power BI,
Knowing how to visualise data is important –
learn it now or you will be left out knowing not why.

SQLKohai talks of ‘can Powershell help out here?’,
Of course it can, in most places, learn it or you will soon disappear!

Andy Levy explains why he wants to learn Postgres on AWS – that sounds tough,
and with MongoDB,DynamoDB,CosmosDB – all the NOSQL stuff!

Shane O Neill likes to learn something called Pester,
Know it and you write better tests for powershell – an important skill to master!

DBAGooner has something non tech to say,
He talks of going back farming and gardening,
As people desk bound to machines, many times for pay,
that is a brave thought for sure – and is very heartening.

Rob Farley from down under – has Powershell again,
he recommends Excel too to excel in,
they are both foundational gains.

Jeff Mlaker talks of learning Linux and Python,
he explains why he chose Red Hat, the advice is right-on!

Kevin Chant explains learning Linux for a Big Data project,
It helped him get Hadoop running on RedHat and CenTOS and all that!

Jon Shaulis talks of learning Python and how-to,
He’s into analytics, and big data, and machine learning too!

Todd Kleinhans is into virtual reality,
with Oculus Medium and Unreal Engine,
it provides escape and is quite a speciality!

Ken Fisher who is a blogger prolific,
talks of broadening the ‘T part’,with Azure, AWS, Managed instances
and anything specific!

Glenda Gable talks of learning to be more hardware-aware,
and learning about monitoring,
that makes a DBA non-compare!

Jess Pomfret talks about mastering Powershell DSC,
containers and Kubernetes – lets learn it now, shall we?

Meagan Longoria has on her list – presentation skills to master,
her cool talk on visualisation made it to the top talks at PASS summit this year!

Drew Koballa is that rare sysadmin-cum-developer,
he is learning on Developing Azure functions for Restful APIs,
sure sounds terribly wise!

Matt Gordon is doing more with Azure Logic apps and Cognitive Services,
he’s going to teach us more ,
for coordinating workflows – let us wait for his talk to see how they serve us!

Kamil Nowinski talks of PowerBI, Azure Data Factory, Data Bricks and Azure Datawarehouse –
He also explains how you get there, make use of it, be an Azure power-house!

Jason Brimhall is after Powershell too – he adds in knowing MySQL,
keeping skills honed, sharp and true.

Chris Hyde is an awesome BI and Analytics guru,
he wants to learn more of Azure, Python, and Seaborn too!

Sander Stad is into Continues Development/Integration,
He likes Octopus Deploy, and more automation!

Janice likes statistics and data science – she has book recommendations too,
Check it out to see if it is right for you.

SQLZelda and me, we were the last to write,
She wants to learn Docker and Containers,
I want more of R,
our future is bright!

So the summary is here – Azure, MySQL, Powershell, R, Python, Linux and PowerBI,
Learn for your jobs, learn as life goes by,
learning is fun too, lets keep learning until we die!

Thanks for participating!














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