PASS Summit 2018 – Day 1 – 11/7/2018

I am proud and fortunate to be sitting beside stars of the community at the blogging table this year. I will be updating this post with details of the keynote as we go along here…a chilly fall morning in Seattle and day #1 of the PASS Summit. Some highlights of typical day #1 keynotes are announcements about the summit, giving thanks to volunteers/PASSion award announcement and keynote by microsoft. This year’s day 1 keynote is by Rohan Kumar, corporate VP of Azure Data – details here.

8:20 AM: Grant Fritchey, PASS President is up on stage thanking volunteers. Grant is talking of 20 stories selected from community. 19 stories have been posted – new one is ours. Balloting for elections opens today. PASS wouldn’t be here without volunteers. 30,000 data professionals in over 100 countries around the world are part of it. PASSion award winner is the yearly spotlight on an exemplary volunteer. Leader and organizer of local/virtual groups, from Johannesburg, expanded community in Durban, takes many hours to expand and serve community – Michael Johnson of South Africa.

8:30 AM: Rohan Kumar calls himself a ‘sql loving developer’ at heart. It is the 25th anniversary of SQL Server. Azure has helped them understand how customers use products and services better than before. Azure has helped innovate across a hybrid data platform. More than 80% of customers have hybrid data platform. More than 90% of them believe they need it. They are very clear that some things they have will always be on prem but hybrid is largely the way of the future. Customers get to decide what stays private and what moves to the cloud. Consistent experience wherever it is deployed. Customer data can be joined or merged with data across platforms. Along with Tools this makes hybrid data platform very attractive. Hybrid enables comprehensive AI and Analytics. SQL 2008/R2 are reaching end of support in six months. Lots of customers are expecting to upgrade to the cloud – Azure SQL managed instance with migration service and SQL 2017 are two great options to modernize.

  1. Modernizing on prem.
  2. It is expensive to upgrade tier 2 and 3 applications.
  3. Building applications ground up.

Analytics and AI availability on cloud

SQL Server 2019 supports Spark and HDFS, SCala and JAva native support. SQL server has minimal # of bugs. PowerBI is an excellent choice for visualisation and tooling.

1 Mission critical availability and performance – Automated query tuning
2 Security and Compliance – always encrypted with secure enclaves to allow advanced operations on encrypted data
3 Management and development – In database java language support to exent TSQL , Machine learning services in Linux
4 Big Data and Analytics – support for data lakes – data virtualization across Oracle, Teradata, D2 and MongoDb. HDFS  support natively.

CTP 2.0 is being released today. NEw CTP will be released every month.

8:47 AM: Bob Ward and Conor Cunningham take stage for demo. System tables implemented as hekaton tables and no page latch contention, just wow!

8:53 AM: SQL Server 2019 is the hub for integrating data. Support high available sql server inside Kubernates. Can also run Spark for distributed data management. Single node hosting spark, sql – Unified data platform for all your data platform needs. Join data stored in hdfs with data stored on your master instance to gain intelligent insights – scale out architecture in SQL 2019. Azure data studio is a cross platform single pane of glass that manages all sql server, azure/managed instance, notebooks integrated for data scientists.

9:00 AM: Demo 2: Can use tsql as well as spark to create ‘notebooks’ to query data

1 SQL now natively big data queries
2 Apache spark ships with 2019
3  Support for java language

9:00 am: Azure Database Migration service – near zero downtime, migrate at scale, optimize IT infrastructure. Business Critical sku of managed instance is available – local ssds for performance ,significant compute capacity. Storage and compute scale independantly. Azure SQL DB Managed Instances general availability will be on the 1st of December. Recovery happens in record time (same time) no matter ‘what’ happens to your database.

9:09 am: Lindsey Allen showing new features of Azure – high availability. ‘Doesn’t matter what partition key you choose it is never right’. BEfore ‘accelerated database recovery/ADR’

9:20 am: Building cloud native apps with Azure Cosmos DB. Globally distributed, massively scalable and multi model database service. Your app can read and write via cassandra ap. Adding multi master capabilities to cosmos db – single digit milli second latency for both read and writes. Choose strong or eventual consistinecy – five consistency levels – navigating the portal, choosing the one for your account and choosing scale. apps can read and write from any azure region with millisecond latency with cosmosdb and cassandra apis.

9:29 am: Azure SQL Datawarehouse improvements – row level security, workload management, accelerated database recovery, cicd with ssdt.

Partnerships – informatica ipaas, intelligent cloud services, tableau connectors, dell fast track RAs. Azure event hubs for Kafka now available.












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