Getting back to blogging

The past two months have been very hectic for me. I had an unexpected job offer towards end of July, which I gladly accepted – that was followed by some much needed home renovation, and a long vacation/tour of the west coast with my beloved sister. All of this has taken a toll on my regular blogging practice.
I am currently working as a database consultant with Fortified Data Services. I work remotely, 100 % from home – and with a group of very talented people. Working remotely has also given me the much needed flexibility I was looking for. I am looking forward to learning and growing with this new team.
I am now settling down at the new gig and the home is also falling in shape. I decided to become a minimalist after years of dealing with stuff – getting rid of things that I don’t need or use has been a growing/healing experience for me after I entered mid age. It has completely changed and improved my perspective on life itself – being light, taking things lightly and seeing everything in a better light.
Thank you to everyone who have been following my blog posts and hope to resume regularly starting this week!!



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