ON SQL Family…

Contributing to Thomas LaRock’s Meme Monday:

I had an interesting experience at the recent SQL Saturday in Louisville. A young man came up to me at lunch and asked me –
Him: ‘So, how long have you been doing this?’
Me: ‘3 years now, this is our third event’
Him:’Wow, great job!’
Me:’Thank you’
Him:’If you don’t mind me asking, is it good money on the side?’
Him:’I meant, PASS pays you right, this is a lot of work, organizing this and all this, am guessing organizers and speakers get paid?’
Me:’No we don’t get paid,nobody makes anything off of this’
Him:’Are you serious? These speakers, they all come in for free?’
Me:’Yes, everyone does. Many pay their airfare and accomodation all out of their pocket to come’.
Him:’So you guys all take your personal time and effort for something like this? I have been with MS communities for years, never seen anything like this..Wow, i mean am speechless, wow!, I mean it is a huge effort, how do you find motivation?’
Me: ‘Yes the SQL community is unique, we are family, in more ways than one. We believe in sharing our knowledge and our success and help everyone grow. If you had to organize a family reunion, would you go about doing it or make a huge deal of how much effort it is and how you are not making a dime out of it?’
Him:’Guess I’d do it…I guess you guys are a great family like community, wow, hats off to you all, and thank you. I want to be part of this, I do. Wow, am not over it yet. ‘

I guess that kind of summarizes the SQL family, in more ways than one. We get it done, for the love of it. And we stick together through thick and thin. What more could one ask for?

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